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Concrete Stain Protection

Stain Protection is an integral part of finishing and maintaining a polished concrete floor or burnished floor. Find out why Lythic Protector and the new game–changing Lythic SPD Protector provides performance that cannot be matched by other stain protector products.


Most stain protectors resist etching for a very short period. They however are unable to prevent staining against extended exposure to staining and etching agents.
Now a real Game Changer a major advance in stain protection for exposed concrete floors has been developed and addresses this issue.
Lythic SPD Protector was exposed to very strong acid, muriatic acid and to oil for a full 24 hours in laboratory testing. There was no damage to the concrete.

Lythic SPD Protector utilizes new stain protection technology that significantly increases concrete’s resistance to stains, acid etching, and liquid penetration, but remains breathable.
SPD (Silica Polymer Dispersion) is a two-part polymer combined with nano-sized colloidal silica. Colloidal silica bonds readily to the concrete, enhancing the concrete surface and improving the bond of the polymer for more effective stain protection.

Third party laboratory testing has shown that it extends stain protection for a duration until now unheard of.

That significantly increases concretes resistance to stains acid etching and liquid penetration. It has been proved in third-party laboratory testing and in the field.

Lythic SPD Protector can be applied to almost any troweled, burnished or polished concrete, to resist staining and etching while still allowing moisture to evaporate from the slab.

SPD Protector does not feel like a coating. It is clear, not overly glossy, and thin enough to maintain a real concrete look and feel.

This technology can be very easily burnished to provide a shine and is easily maintained with [...]

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Concrete Sealer

Why Choose Armourtech Concrete Sealer To Seal and Protect Your Concrete?
Environmentally and User friendly – Suitable for DIY use or Professional Contractors Armourtech DPS101 concrete Sealer is Water Based, Safe and Easy to use.
Permanent – Armourtech DPS101 unique formula penetrates and “fuses” permanently to concrete.
Proven History – Armourtech DPS101 concrete sealer was developed for concrete sealing through concrete technology research and many years of proven performance. IT WORKS!
Versatility – Armourtech DPS101 concrete Sealer is ideal for industrial and domestic use, from a sky tower to a driveway from a tunnel to a polished floor.

We deliver to customers throughout both the North Island and South Island.
Concrete sealing and weather proofing can provide considerable protection to your concrete asset and enhance its life and looks.
Armourtech Concrete Sealer solves the damaging problems caused by:
Damp, Water Migration and Erosion, Staining, Mold, Mildew, Salt Erosion, Animal Excrement,
Freeze/Thaw, Concrete Dusting, Spalling and Efflorescence

Armourtech DPS101 concrete sealer is designed for sealing concrete of all forms including the following:
Floor Sealing – ground concrete, coloured concrete, warehouses, offices, cafes, workshops, concrete floors
Housing – plaster, masonry, concrete brick, concrete block, stucco, Hinuera stone, basements, concrete tiles
Domestic/Landscape – concrete driveways, concrete pavers, patios, concrete floors, concrete block, concrete brick
Construction – precast concrete, tilt panels, marinas, buildings & structures, animal shelters & cow sheds
Architectural – historic concrete structures, specialty finishes.
Armourtech DPS101 concrete sealer helps stop water, oil, grease, salts and other fluids from damaging concrete.
Armourtech DPS101 concrete sealer allows floor coverings/adhesives to be installed and paint/coatings to be applied.
Armourtech DPS101 concrete sealer is supplied throughout NZ to DIY users and Contractors. Advice and support for Designers [...]

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Concrete Sealer

The BEST solutions for
Concrete Polishing Concrete Sealing  and Concrete Placing

Armourtech products are New Zealand manufactured!
For Concrete Treatment products you can trust, use the Armourtech range ‘THEY WORK’.
We serve customers throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.
Select and view the information you require and see why Armourtech is the right Concrete Treatment Solution for you…

Polishing & Sealing Placing
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Polishing & Sealing Placing

Feed back from a customer…..I loved your easy to use, no fumes and the finish is exactly as you claim……I spent $2500 doing the front half of the shop floor with vinyl,,, when I could have got an equally good finish for a fraction of that using your product… JT
Concrete Sealer  Armourtech DPS 101 is suitable for Professionals and DIY users for residential, commercial and industrial applications from a Sky Tower to a Driveway from a Tunnel to a Polished Floor. Armourtech DPS101 concrete sealer  is extremely versatile and effective,water based, safe and easy to use with a proven history. IT WORKS!!!
Polished Concrete Floors breakthrough ARMOURTECH Floor technology offers  finish options to suit any budget and look preference. Achieve a higher grit shine with lower grit abrasives so less grinding means less cost.
Concrete Placing and Curing with ARMOURTECH PRO Float Curing and Troweling aid. This is a Breakthrough product and must be seen to be believed.
ARMOURTECH PRO Float adds long term benefits to finished concrete while saving time and costs in placing the concrete and increasing the options available for decorative finishes.
We also offer free advice to designers, architects, consultants, contractors and owners, contact us today.

ARMOURTECH Products are advancing concrete flooring beyond the costs, risks, and limitations [...]

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