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Feed back from a customer…..I loved your easy to use, no fumes and the finish is exactly as you claim……I spent $2500 doing the front half of the shop floor with vinyl,,, when I could have got an equally good finish for a fraction of that using your product… JT
Concrete Sealer  Armourtech DPS 101 is suitable for Professionals and DIY users for residential, commercial and industrial applications from a Sky Tower to a Driveway from a Tunnel to a Polished Floor. Armourtech DPS101 concrete sealer  is extremely versatile and effective,water based, safe and easy to use with a proven history. IT WORKS!!!
Polished Concrete Floors breakthrough ARMOURTECH Floor technology offers  finish options to suit any budget and look preference. Achieve a higher grit shine with lower grit abrasives so less grinding means less cost.
Concrete Placing and Curing with ARMOURTECH PRO Float Curing and Troweling aid. This is a Breakthrough product and must be seen to be believed.
ARMOURTECH PRO Float adds long term benefits to finished concrete while saving time and costs in placing the concrete and increasing the options available for decorative finishes.
We also offer free advice to designers, architects, consultants, contractors and owners, contact us today.

ARMOURTECH Products are advancing concrete flooring beyond the costs, risks, and limitations [...]

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Armourtech DPS101 Specification

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Healthy Homes

Radon Gas – What is it?
Radon is an invisible and odorless radioactive gas is produced by the natural disintegration of radioactive heavy metals uranium and thorium, which are dispersed throughout the Earth’s crust.
Uranium and its daughter products radium and radon, are found in nearly all rocks and soils.
Most contain only 1 to 3 parts per million (ppm) of uranium, but some, like granites, dark shales, light-colored volcanic rocks, and sedimentary rocks with phosphate, may contain as much as 100 ppm. Thorium, which is even more common, also produces radium.
Radon gas naturally moves into the permeable disturbed soil and the gravel bed surrounding foundations and then, into the buildings through openings and pores in concrete. Radon from soil is by far the main source of indoor radon.

Building materials like rocks, bricks, and concrete also give off radon. They produce Radon-222 and Thoron (Radon-220), but only 0.1 – 0.3 pCi/L each in a typical basement.
Radon is soluble in water and also gets indoors by “water migration”. Water is drawn indoors by the capillary action of the pores in concrete or pushed by hydrostatic pressure (seepage).
The higher temperature and lower pressure indoors release the gas. The typical basement or slab lets in 35 or 50 ltrs of water and vapor each day. Radon from outside air also settles in basements, because it is nine times heavier than air.

In the US the target of the Radon Abatement Act is the natural level outdoors (average 0.4 pCi/L). Radon is the most potent carcinogen in our homes and buildings you cannot see radon gas and you cannot smell it or taste it. Radon is a [...]

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Water & water-vapour transmission has been a major concern for designers and owners in the construction industry for many years.

Do you experience any of the following?

Controlling Moisture Transmission
By creating a permanent chemical fusion within the concrete that seals the capillaries and channels for moisture migration  vapour transmission can be reduced to 2% (allowing concrete to endure freeze/thaw). Through this process the alkali is locked up preventing efflorescence (concrete cancer), it also prevents water seepage, water vapor migration, condensation, molds, mildew, and musty odors. Reduces cracking, densifies and hardens the concrete and also allows for application of adhesives, paints and coatings, preventing flaking and peeling.

The grouting in a concrete block construction is the most vulnerable site for moisture ingress as unless a non shrink grout is used the std mortar mix grout will shrink and crack and allow moisture ingress. This is the most common point of moisture intrusion in concrete block construction and Armourtech DPS will not bridge the gap left by shrinkage and mortar cracking.

Armourtech Concrete Sealer should be considered as a vital aspect of any concrete project to prevent the damaging effects of moisture migration and vapour transmission. Armourtech Concrete Sealer will increase durability and reduce cost.

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Benefits of Armourtech Concrete Sealer

Armourtech Concrete Sealer is specifically engineered to solve the damaging problems caused by:
Water migration and erosion – Staining – Mould, Mildew, Algae, Bacteria – Salt Erosion – Oils – Traffic – Animal Excrement – Freeze/Thaw – Concrete Dusting – Spalling – Efflorescence

When applied and in full accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations Armourtech DPS101 will provide for the following:
Armourtech DPS101 forms a permanent molecular bond with the Calcium Hydroxide and directly with Silica content in the Concrete. This bond strengthens the surface, blocks surface moisture intrusion, blocks subterranean moisture intrusion, and keeps stains topical. The bond is permanent whilst the substrate and surface remains intact.

Armourtech Concrete Sealer is engineered for use on cementious substrates, is unique in function, waterborne, non toxic, non hazardous, single application and is suitable for internal and external applications, new or old concrete, vertical and horizontal applications.

Armourtech Concrete Sealer is an advanced technology concrete sealer for: Coloured Concrete – Driveways – Pre-cast – Concrete Floor Sealing – Grind & Seal- Plaster Homes – Masonry – Pavers – Concrete Bricks – Stamped Concrete – Concrete Ornamental’s, Concrete Bench Tops – Historical Structures – Any Concrete

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A Concrete Decision

Concrete sealing and weatherproofing can provide considerable protection to your concrete asset and enhance its life and looks. However the wrong solution choice can also lessen the value, beauty and performance of the concrete and increase maintenance costs.
When looking for a concrete sealer solution, identify at least the following:

What is the desired end result?

Is the concrete sealer proven with research and technical support?

What is the life expectancy of the finished result?

Is the concrete sealer environmentally friendly?

Is the application methodology of the concrete sealer simple and proven?

Armourtech Concrete Sealer is globally recognized and developed for concrete sealing through concrete technology research and many years of proven performance.
Armourtech Concrete Sealer should be considered as a vital aspect of any concrete sealing project weather it be a sky tower, bridge, airport runway, polished floors, patio pavers or even a bird bath.

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