The ARMOURTECH Floor Exposed Aggregate system utilizes Colloidal Silica technology and can reduce the amount of diamond grinding required providing significant savings.
A system that when used in the concrete polishing process produces a strong, abrasion resistant floor that enhances the beauty &, strength of concrete floors and reduces maintenance and costs.
A solution can be tailored to meet any Gloss and Price requirement.

Dust proofed Abrasion resistant floor with Light Shine

Dust proofed Abrasion resistant floor with Moderate Shine and extra Stain Protection
ARMOURTECH Densifier & Protector/Enhancer

ARMOURTECH Floor Premium
Dust proofed Abrasion resistant floor with High Shine
ARMOURTECH Densifier & ARMOURTECH Densifier second application

ARMOURTECH Floor Premium Plus
Dust proofed Abrasion resistant floor with Extra High Shine and Extra Stain Protection
ARMOURTECH Densifier & ARMOURTECH Densifier second application  & Protector/Enhancer

ARMOURTECH Floor Ultimate
Dust proofed Abrasion resistant floor with Shine & Max Stain Protection. Suitable in light traffic areas
ARMOURTECH Densifier & SPD Protector/Enhancer

Contact us to discuss the best option for your situation and receive specification documents for each of the solutions.

The quality and level of Diamond Polishing is always the starting point of a good polished floor. Discover how to reduce cost and time, boost performance and offer new options for floor finishes you didn’t know were possible with ARMOURTECH Solutions. To contact an applicator in your area Contact us

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