Breakthrough in Placing Concrete


This New Technology unique to the market utilizing Colloidal Silica provides clients with options for concrete floor finishing currently not available. With Colloidal Silica technology, the options for floor finishes increases while the cost reduces. Armourtech Floor PRO FLOAT produces dust proofed, abrasion resistant concrete Armourtech Floor PRO FLOAT provides the option of a sheen/gloss finish Armourtech Floor PRO FLOAT provides the Placer savings in Placing concrete Benefits to the Placer include the following: Eliminates the need for extra water Increases surface compressive strength approximately 20% ? 30% Speeds finishing – no sheeting or setting up sprinklers etc Reduces operator fatigue and trowel wear and reduces Labour costs Extends surface work ability time by 15 to 30 minutes Helps finishing in hot, dry, sunny & windy conditions

BUT wait there’s More!

Reduces the ability for liquids to penetrate the surface Strengthens (hardens and Densifies) surface Increases impact, abrasion and wear resistance Provides quicker access to the surface. No membrane is formed that requires removing Reduces efflorescence on both coloured & standard concrete Minimizes checking, crazing & scaling Decreases potential for alkali silica reaction ? (ASR) Reduces potential for slab curling Produces cleaner finish if polished concrete is intended. Provides a cleaner saw cut Extends surface work ability time by 15 to 30 minutes As the Colloidal Silica Bonds to itself and is the only product that has these properties it offers the opportunity to provide options for decorative finishes including a package solution for concrete floors – Placing and Finishing at reduced costs and time savings.


Proven to meet the water-retention requirements
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Master Piece Floor

Polishing concrete floors is much like Art and no two floors are the same. The approach to achieve a Master piece can vary for each floor. That is why Armourtech Floor is the best choice to Create and improve the Performance and Appearance of your Master piece floor.

Create Beautiful concrete floors with Armourtech Floor. Be amazed at How Little it took to get a Fabulous Look!


Polished Concrete Floor

Burnished concrete floor (no Grinding)

Polished concrete floor

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