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Whether you’re Polishing a concrete floor, building a skyscraper or a tunnel, laying a driveway or pouring a floor, Armourtech has the concrete treatment products and solutions to get the job done right the first time. Simply just Spray on the Savings and Benefits.
They Work

For more than 10 years, Armourtech has been supplying quality concrete treatment solutions, including concrete floor and concrete sealing solutions to commercial, industrial and domestic customers throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Our experience has gained a reputation for sound, reliable and trustworthy service and we deliver anywhere in New Zealand.

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  • polished concrete floors internal concrete floors

  • industrial concrete flooring

  • concrete flooring for farm structures, including animal shelters

  • concrete blocks and bricks for construction

  • concrete structures for commercial buildings

  • domestic concrete & driveways

  • pavers and outdoor concrete for landscaping

  • concrete benchtops

  • placing new concrete

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Armourtech supplies the best in concrete sealing products that are safe for your environment and easy to use.

Our high-quality

ARMOURTECH Floor DPS101 concrete sealer is environmentally and user friendly.  Armourtech DPS101 will prevent dampness, mold and mildew growth, erosion, staining, damage from salt and animal excrement, and concrete dust from damaging the concrete.

To prevent radon gas emissions, which could have a potentially harmful impact on your indoor environment,

ARMOURTECH Floor DPS101 seals micro-crevices and minute pores inside concrete to create a healthier living and working environment.

You can use

ARMOURTECH Floor DPS101 concrete sealer to seal all forms of concrete in many situations, including domestic and commercial flooring, house and commercial construction, landscaping, farm structures and restoration of historic concrete structures.

Armourtech provide innovative concrete product solutions

Our ARMOURTECH Floor polished concrete floors  use colloidal silica to ensure you get the best look for your concrete floor as well as added strength and durability, which means your floor looks great for longer.

The ARMOURTECH Floor range has the added advantage of increasing your options for decorative finishes. Your colour choice is virtually unlimited with ARMOURTECH flooring. In one application, your colour will be evenly distributed for the perfect look.

For a healthier environment, ARMOURTECH Floor products are water-based – so no nasty fumes or VOCs.

For outstanding products and exceptional customer service, contact us today to discuss your concrete treatment requirements, including all types of concrete finishing. We cater to customers throughout the both the North Island and South Island and Pacific Islands.

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