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Polished Concrete

 Want a more Effective, Efficient Lower cost method to produce a better Polished Concrete finish?

Be amazed at How Little it took to get such a Fabulous Look!

Discover how to reduce cost and time, boost performance produce Attractive, Functional, Durable and Affordable floor finishes you didn’t know were possible with LYTHIC Floor Colloidal Silica technology.

Using the unique properties of Lythic Solutions Colloidal Silica breakthrough technology new concrete polishing alternatives have been perfected.
Achieve a higher grit shine with lower grit abrasives. Lythic leaves concrete hard, stain resistant, easy to maintain, and light reflective. The Right Gloss at the Right Price.

Concrete Treatment Processes

Exposed Aggregate – polished concrete

Hardwear Floor  – no Grinding required


AMAZING!  Check  out the Slab Burnishing  options of Lythic Colloidal Silica 

Product Technical Data for Download
Lythic Densifier      Lythic Densifier XL      Lythic Protector      Lythic Protector SPD       Lythic-Cleaner 

Lythic Floor STD Finish
Lythic Floor Premium Finish
Lythic Floor Ultimate Finish
Lythic Floor Hardwear Floor Finish
Lythic Floor Protector
Lythic Floor SPD

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The True Facts on how densifiers work
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Concrete Sealers

The BEST concrete treatment solutions for Sealing Concrete, Polishing Concrete and Concrete Finishing
Select and view the information you require and see why Armourtech is the right Concrete Solution for you…

Feed back from a customer…..I loved your easy to use, no fumes and the finish is exactly as you claim……I spent $2500 doing the front half of the shop floor with vinyl,,, when I could have got an equally good finish for a fraction of that using your product… JT
All Armourtech concrete sealer products are water based, safe and easy to use. Armourtech DPS 101 is suitable for Professionals and use by DIY users  .
Armourtech concrete sealer products are extremely versatile and effective. And they WORK!
Armourtech products include the Breakthrough Technology of Lythic Solutions Colloidal Silica range of Game Changing Concrete Treatment products. Breakthrough in Polished Concrete floors with finish options to suit any budget and look preference. Lythic DAY1 concrete curing and troweling aid voted MIP at the 2013 WOC this is a Breakthrough product and must be seen to be believed. Lythic DAY1 adds long term benefits to finished concrete.

Armourtech concrete treatment products are ideal for commercial, industrial and domestic use from a  Sky Tower to a Driveway from a Tunnel to a Polished Floor. 
We also offer free advice to designers, architects,  consultants, contractors and owners.
Lythic Products are advancing concrete flooring beyond the costs, risks, and limitations of polished concrete floors.


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