Benefits of Armourtech Concrete Sealer

  • Retains Natural Non-slip surface
  • Permanent
  • Surface appearance unchanged
  • No chemicals, solvents or VOC’s
  • Can be trafficked on immediately
  • Allows for low maintenance cleaning
  • Application to damp, new or old concrete
  • Increases concrete surface durability

  • Seals concrete
  • Allows for floor coverings/adhesives
  • Arrests efflorescence
  • Reduces Algae and Bacterial growth
  • Single easy application
  • Aids concrete hydration
  • Leaves suitable to receive paint etc
  • Endures many oils, solvents etc

Armourtech Concrete Sealer is specifically engineered to solve the damaging problems caused by:
Water migration and erosion – Staining – Mould, Mildew, Algae, Bacteria – Salt Erosion – Oils – Traffic – Animal Excrement – Freeze/Thaw – Concrete Dusting – Spalling – Efflorescence

Concrete Sealer
Armourtech Concrete Sealer is engineered for use on cementious substrates, is unique in function, waterborne, non toxic, non hazardous, single application and is suitable for internal and external applications, new or old concrete, vertical and horizontal applications.

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Armourtech Concrete Sealer is an advanced technology concrete sealer for: Coloured Concrete – Driveways – Pre-cast – Concrete Floor Sealing – Grind & Seal- Plaster Homes – Masonry – Pavers – Concrete Bricks – Stamped Concrete – Concrete Ornamental’s, Concrete Bench Tops – Historical Structures – Any Concrete

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