DAY1 used on NZ current Largest concrete pour!

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A Real Game Changer in Concrete Finishing. Better Concrete Happens on DAY1. Selected as Most Innovative Product at WOC 2013.

SAVE at LEAST 50% of the costs of other methods to Concrete Finishing and produce a Densified/Hardened, Abrasion Resistant, and Dust proofed concrete surface at time of placement.

  • Eliminates the costs and hassle of water curing
  • Increases compressive strength by up to 30%
  • Increases abrasion resistance
  • No need for any other Densifiers or treatments
  • Speeds Concrete Finishing – no sheeting, or setting up sprinklers etc
  • Extends work ability time in hot, & windy conditions by 15 to 30 min  to allow proper close
  • Helps Concrete Finishing under hot, dry, sunny & windy conditions
  • Minimizes checking, crazing & scaling, Eliminates dusting, Reduces potential for slab curling
  • Decreases potential for alkali silica reaction (ASR)
  • Reduces operator fatigue and trowel wear – reduces consumable & labour costs
  • Creates a denser, less permeable surface for resistance to liquid  penetration, staining- no need to go back and seal

                               DAY1 Floor just Burnished

Tech:   DAY1 testing reports
Specs: DAY1 Specification
STDS: DAY1 Standards

ELIMINATES need, cost and time of any other treatments such as Densifiers after placement.

DAY1 is simply spray applied at the Floating in stage so no extra labour units required.

DAY1 saves time and labour by achieving higher/smooth results with less passes.

DAY1 is the Concrete Designers and Concrete Placers new Best Friend. “It’s like having an extra finisher Easier Troweling, More Working Time.
extends Concrete Finishing time without adding water. As you spray on DAY1 and work it into the surface, it reacts with lime in the concrete to slow surface drying. This gives you 15-45 minutes extra to finish the slab right, and makes it easier to close it properly and promote effective concrete finishing and curing.

DAY1 makes extra water unnecessary. DAY1 strengthens the surface and eliminates dusting.

DAY1 also provides a foundation for the more cost effective LYTHIC Floor Polished or Burnished finish as the Technology Bonds with its self a property not found in any other product.
A LYTHIC Floor polished or burnished finish is of a higher quality and more cost effective to achieve.

This game-changing product utilizing Colloidal Silica has major benefits during concrete finishing, and it improves the quality of the resulting slab.
DAY1 is being used successfully on NZ’s current largest pour of 60000m2.

Rainbows End

DAY1 offers a multitude of advanced features and benefits for freshly placed concrete. This game-changing product provides long term high performance properties to treated concrete surfaces.



AMAZING!  Check  out the Slab Burnishing  options of a DAY1 and a Std slab Slab Burnishing

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